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Merthur Graphic Meme -  Touching Scenes [2/2]

You’re certainly not.

You know, I had never clued in on the line in the first gif. The ‘no man is worth your tears’ is the one you see the most, and on the surface, out of context, it sounds like Arthur’s trying to make Merlin feel better about Balinor’s death, or at least trying to “teach” him how to deal with loss (the way a knight would). And with hindsight, it’s one of those lines that makes you go ‘Arthur was worth it’.

But with that first line, and in context, the whole thing has more meaning. He’s just basically asking Merlin not to cry over him. Because he’s going to fight the dragon and he doesn’t expect to come back from that. And he doesn’t know Balinor was Merlin’s father, all he sees is Merlin being incredibly sad over the death of a man he barely knew, a man Merlin couldn’t save. And maybe he wonders, what his own death would do to Merlin, because they’re friends, they know each other. He’s saying ‘don’t cry over me. I’m not worth your tears. PLEASE’. Maybe the thought of Merlin being heartbroken over him pains him, maybe it’s his way of trying to lessen Merlin’s pain, because he’s convinced he’s going to die.

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My fave bit in Star Trek into darkness is when khan is arrested with messy hair then you see him on the enterprise with his hair perfect. I think there is a deleted Scene out there that has khan saying “wait let me do my hair before you put the cuffs on it’s getting in my eyes”

Thank you! I’ve been saying that too., Either that or he got someone to comb it back for him in the shuttle on the way to the enterprise!